!!We are open on Sunday night from 5:30p – 9:00p!!

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Dumpling House DSM

Welcome to the landing page of Dumpling House DSM! Feel free to check out the menu above to view our products, about us, and ways to get in contact with us as well, we can’t wait to hear from you!

About Us

Our dumplings are all handmade, from the wrapper to the filling. We purchase high-quality ingredients, meat, flour and carefully prepared to perfection for you with using traditional steps and traditional ingredients. Our dumplings are freshly made, and we try our best to keep the food fresh and delicious for you always. If you want a taste of real traditional Chinese dumplings, come to us, I promise you’ll love it.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: Closed

Saturday: Farmers Market

Sunday: Open 5:30pm -9pm

Location: 1139 24th Street Des Moines, IA 50311